Going into my first Reiki experience I was unsure and a bit nervous, Tina made me feel safe and comfortable. She gave me closure and peace with my struggles when I didn’t know the answers.  I look forward to having more Reiki sessions with Tina and receiving healing guidance from her.

~ Isabelle, age 15

Tina is a truly caring and compassionate Reiki practitioner and Channeler that uses her intuition to facilitate healing where it is needed. After my sessions I feel a wonderful sense of relaxation, contentment and an overall feeling of well- being. Tina’s gift is her connection to the angelic realm. She is able to bring forward loving messages and guidance from your angels, higher self and guides with so much accuracy and clarity. She performed a long distance healing/ channeling session on me and my two children and the messages she received really resonated with me. I highly recommend an in-person or long distance session with Tina for anyone wanting a healing.

~ Joy

Tina is such a gifted healer - a true angel on earth! Through her Reiki and Channeling sessions, she has brought an incredible amount of healing and comfort to me and my loved ones.  I cannot say enough about her amazing gifts and beautiful spirit.  I feel so grateful to have found Tina and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for spiritual guidance and/or a true healing experience....AND, she gives great hugs too!

 ~ Kristen F.


I purchased a meditation pyramid from Tina after I meditated under hers during our trip to Mt. Shasta. While sitting   in the energy of the pyramid on the mountain, I began to channel the various names of Jesus in all other languages. Languages that I had not ever heard of or used before. I received such a healing after the meditation period and I continued to feel the wellness and joy for some time afterward.  The energy of the pyramid is a sort of co-creating energy that allows you to further become who you were intended to be.  Having the convenience of being able to pack it up and take it wherever I like is wonderful. These meditation pyramids are amazing and Tina is truly a gift from God.


~ Andrea H.


Tina is a beautiful soul, she has helped guide me in so many ways and I am a stronger person because of it.  I have previous experience with spiritual healing and have gone to Healing Touch for many years.  Those experiences have been pivotal in my life and Tina’s work offers so much energy to my path.  She is truly an amazing person and has only but the best of intentions in mind when working with you.  I always feel safe, comfortable and free to express myself when we are doing Reiki and other healing practices together. She is also great about answering questions for those who are unsure and want to know more about the process of healing through spiritual guidance, regardless of your religious beliefs.

~ Devon


I have used one of Tina’s beautiful copper pyramids for about a month and a half and WOW! What a difference it makes with my meditations.  When I sit in the pyramid, I find that I can clear my mind and thought patterns very quickly, which brings me to a deep, mindful meditative state.  I highly recommend using Tina’s pyramids…In fact, I look forward to using the meditation pyramid every day.  Thank you Tina.

~ Myriam S.