Intuitive Healing   

$95 per session (90 MINUTES) 

Long Distance Channeling (Channeling of Spirit and Divine Self)

$75 per session

A session includes an audio file (average of 40-60 minutes) of channeled information and a 15 minute phone conference to follow up and discuss any questions that you may have.  

I integrate long distance Reiki, Crystals and Sacred Geometry with channeling messages and healing from the Angelic realm, Ascended Masters, Guides and Divine Self.  The session can provide clarity on current situations, bring knowledge forward from past lives and assist in clearing any energetic or karmic ties from current or previous incarnations.

Long Distance Channeling requires a photo and full legal birth name in order for me to fully connect with your energy and an email address to forward the audio file to. 


Copper Pyramid Meditation
$20 per session (30 Minutes)

$35 per session (60 Minutes)

Curious about the benefits and healing powers of a Copper Meditation Pyramid?  Well, you are not alone. So I have decided to make one one available at my practice for people to use.  A session will include a brief introduction to the benefits and you will then be provided  privacy for the actual session for you to sit and meditate, pray, contemplate, etc.  Being within the pyramid helps one receive guidance and insight to help assist you move towards physical and spiritual well being and emotional happiness!  It also helps provide options and perspectives for an enhanced way of living.

Customized sessions available for all services, please contact me for special requests.


House Blessings
Land Healings
Life Coaching
Women’s Empowerment
Spiritual Retreats

Monthly Circles, Workshops & Classes

Copper Sacred Geometry Wand

Helps to heal and balance the Chakras and assist in seeing auras.



The story behind the making of the

Copper Meditation Pyramid….

Last year we visited a sacred pyramid located within the heart of Mt Shasta.  Due to the unexpected but yet profound experiences while meditating within, I started to research the spiritual, healing power & energy associated with pyramids.  In doing so, we found a way to make these pyramids that could duplicate the energy, just on a smaller scale and allow for them to be portable.  Each of these pyramids have a 42" apex and are built at a 51 degree angle as found in the Great Pyramid of Giza and should be set to Magnetic North to achieve optimal performance. Copper was chosen as it is one of the greatest conductors of energy.  I have found it to be beneficial to include as part of my daily practice of meditation and prayer and hope that by creating them, it helps make them available to anyone who might have an interest or need as I have.

What is a Meditation Pyramid...

A meditation pyramid is great for a new or experienced meditator, for self-healing and healing others. It helps us to attune to our higher self and the Divine essence within all living things.
When we meditate within the Pyramid it helps align us with the vibrations of Earth, Source, Ascended Masters and the Archangels.  It allows for us to be more receptive of these energies and helps amplify our energy, intentions and prayers.

Different Ways of Utilizing the Pyramid’s Energy

Meditation within a Pyramid helps one to relax and reach a deeper state of meditation faster and with ease. It is the perfect tool regardless of where you are on your spiritual path…perhaps you are just starting or simply interested in exploring and expanding your current practice.  The Pyramid’s energy can be used for physical, emotional and spiritual healing, manifestation and focus.   It also helps align us with the vibrations of Earth, Source, Ascended Masters and the Archangels. 

Pyramids are very powerful in cleansing and charging crystals, healing/balancing chakras, charging and cleansing any area or space where they are placed.  

Water is known for its cleansing and healing abilities. It’s a symbol of purification. Pyramid Water can be a very useful and natural “tonic.” When drank, pyramid water harmonizes the processes and chakras within our body; thus allowing the subtle natural vibrations to encourage a positive shift in one’s physical, spiritual, mental and emotional life. It is based on the belief that water's molecular makeup can absorb the healing vibrations/energy of the Pyramid.

On a piece of paper, right down an intention or prayer and place within the pyramid.  This amplifies the intention and manifestation.

Incorporating a pyramid into your spiritual practice can help increase/balance your aura, provide protection, mental focus and increased vibrations and energy levels. By raising your vibration, you can truly start to manifest a new world and a new life…a happier healthier you awaits.

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Pyramids are available in a collapsible/portable design that is ideal for  camping and hiking OR a solid/stationary design that works well for permanent placement within a home or studio.

The standard size is a 5' base with a 42" apex

We can customize & accommodate almost all request

Please contact me for pricing & details

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The story behind the making of the
First Sacred Geometry Wand….

I had just finished a Sacred Geometry meditation, when I had an image, similar to the one above, presented to me; along with the knowing of what they were to be used for. Recently,  I have channeled another design and have learned that this information is being  channeled from one of my Guides named Azuriel for the benefit of our planet as well as man kind.




Copper Meditation Pyramids

A session may incorporate a variety of modalities  including Usui & Karuna Reiki, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Psychic Surgery, Sound Healing and Chakra Balancing.